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My Hi , my name is Adri. I have twins aged 6 and a baby almost 1 years old.
Ruvan , one one the twins has been diagnosed with Aspergers. He is also ADHD.
There seems to be little or no support in South Africa for parents of Aspergers kids. I decided to put this site up in the hope that other parents would come forward and we can share with one another and offer support.

Ruvan was born crying and healthy at 3.6 kg's being one a twin , I was not worried. But it never stopped. He never slept , and was always needy.

At 3 years old he was already walking around on the roof of the house. He used to sit in the tree at playschool and poo on the kids below , just for the fun of it. He was hectic from day one. Always busy , always in trouble and then the antisocial behaviour started creeping in.

He would fixate on his trains for hours on end. When told he could choose two Xmas prezzies , He would reply " I want TWO trains"

He would play alongside children , but not with them.

He would not engage in any fantasy play.

He would not be able to look me in the eyes when I talked to him and in ten seconds , it would be out the other ear.

Ruvan was always in trouble and often labeled naughty. Preschools didn't want him there. Many unfair comments were made about him and I learnt the art of Karate chopping teachers down to size. Not in the physical sense, of course. :-)

Ruvan is highly intelligent but unable to process verbal instructions because he forgets so quickly.

It's been a long , hard road.
Well , the School Act in this country is a joke. It clearly states that children with Special Needs should be catered for. HAHA
There is no such thing. They do not have the funds to employ people to help , so the Act is really just technical and most useless.

Remedial Schools ?
Here in Durban , there are few and far between. **** School in Durban is the only long term one I am aware of but it is a mix of very Autistic kids , right through to mildly Autistic like Ruvan. Which in my mind , doesn't do a child any good. They also take ADHD kids. Doesn't make sense.
It's an attitude of "Just chuck them in with the rest"

I have lots more to say , and will do so as I get time to write down all the info and things I have learnt.

Feel welcome to email me and we can look at starting a email list of support. Let nobody tell us it's an easy road.

Oh , yes...I still haven't mentioned the drugs issue. Oh well , another time for this meaty topic.


Still smiling...........
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